Frequently Asked Questions

You should contact Todmorden Funeral Service without delay so that necessary decisions can be made regarding funeral arrangements.

If the death was expected we will arrange for the deceased to be brought to our chapel of rest. If it was unexpected the coroner’s officer will arrange for the deceased to be taken to the mortuary.

Usually the immediate family or an executor. This will be your choice; however we can handle every aspect of the funeral.

Usually within the first or second week depending on the circumstances. Please bear in mind the availability of the church, crematorium and cemetery. Todmorden Funeral Service will be able to make all necessary arrangements on your behalf.

We will supply you or your family with a formal estimate as soon as the initial decisions have been made.

Sometimes this is done by the closest members of the family, alternatively Todmorden Funeral Service can provide professional coffin bearers on your behalf.

Please feel free to discuss your thoughts with us as we can make any changes you require. Your wishes are what count and it is our aim to ensure that the Funeral is right for you.

Please speak with Judith at Todmorden Funeral Service, please remember Judith is here to help you.