When someone you care about dies, the shock and sadness can be overwhelming, even when the death is expected. Understanding that the first phone call is often a very difficult thing to do, Judith advises all families to contact her as soon as possible. Rest assured Judith will guide you through the process and help you to begin making the necessary funeral arrangements.

Before contacting the Funeral Director, you should contact the doctor of the deceased to certify death. The next step is to contact Judith to ensure your loved one is brought into her care. Make an appointment to discuss funeral arrangements at a time and place of your choosing.

Contact Todmorden Funeral service to confirm our service is required. You will then need to collect the doctor's certificate from the hospital or hospice. You will then arrange an appointment at the registrar's office who will provide you with a green form. Take this form to Judith at TFS who will take over all aspects of arranging the funeral.

Call 999 immediately. A coroner's officer will be called to attend the scene of death. He or she will arrange for your loved one to be taken to hospital to establish the cause of death. Once you have contacted Judith, she will then liaise with the Coroner's officer and all other necessary authorities to ensure your wishes are met.

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